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Tuesday, 25 October 2016 - Reported by Chuck Foster
We have the following audiobooks available for readers to win, courtesy of BBC Audio; in order to be in with a chance to win simply email us with the answer to the question along with your name, country and where you heard about the competition. All competitions are open worldwide, with a closing date of 13th November 2016. Only one entry per household can be accepted.

Doctor Who and The Invasion Of Time (Credit: BBC Audio)
[order from Amazon UK]
The Invasion of Time, written by Terrance Dicks and read by John Leeson
A traitor to the Time Lords! Can the Doctor really be in league with the evil Vardans, spearheading a treacherous invasion of his home planet Gallifrey? Or is he playing a deadly double game, saving the Time Lords by appearing to betray them? Not even his closest friends can tell. Whilst the Doctor's companion Leela is cast into the wilderness of Outer Gallifrey, the Vardans themselves are mere pawns in a deadly tactical game. Soon the Doctor will face an old enemy as he battles to foil the invasion of Time.

Question: These days, which actor is more usually associated with embodying the Sontaran menace?
Send your answer to with the subject line "Send in the clones".
Doctor Who: The Time Meddler (Credit: BBC Audio)
[order from Amazon UK]
The Time Meddler, written by Nigel Robinson and read by Peter Purves
When the TARDIS materialises on an apparently deserted Nothumbrian beach, Steven disputes the Doctor’s claim that they have travelled back to the eleventh century. The disovery of a modern wristwatch in a nearby forest merely reinforces his opinion. But it is 1066, the most important date in English history, and the Doctor’s arrival has not gone unnoticed. Observing the appearance of the TARDIS is a mysterious monk, who recognises the time-machine for what it is. He also knows that the Doctor poses a serious threat to his master plan – a plan which, if successful, could alter the future of the entire world...

Question: What was the difference between the Doctor's and the Monk's TARDIS?
Send your answer to with the subject line "The Vikings are Coming!".
Torchwood Tales (Credit: BBC Audio)
[order from Amazon UK]
Torchwood Tales
Eve Myles, Gareth David-Lloyd, Kai Owen and others read ten stories based on the hit BBC TV series. Written specially for audio, with additional sound design, the stories feature the original Torchwood line-up including Captain Jack, Gwen, Ianto, Owen and Toshiko, plus Rhys and PC Andy.

Question: One of the readers is 'alien' to the Torchwood universe - but which one?
Send your answer to with the subject line "Talking Hub-Bub".
Eleventh Doctor Tales (Credit: BBC Audio)
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Eleventh Doctor Tales
Matt Smith, Arthur Darvill and Meera Syal are among the readers of this exclusive collection of original audio adventures. Join the Eleventh Doctor on journeys in Time and Space.

Question: What is Meera Syal's connection to Doctor Who?
Send your answer to with the subject line "Still not ginger!".

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