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Friday, 30 September 2016 - Reported by Chuck Foster
BBC Childrens Books have released details of their Doctor Who books being published to the end of the year, including a collection of festive tales for Christmas, and the traditional Doctor Who Annual.

It is also possible to win copies of the publications, courtesy of BBC Childrens Books; in order to be in with a chance to win simply email us with the answer to the question along with your name, address and where you heard about the competition (news page, news app, Facebook, etc.). All competitions are open to UK readers only, with a closing date of 16th October 2016. Only one entry per household can be accepted.

Doctor Who Doodle Book (Credit: BBC Childrens Books)Doctor Who Doodle Book
Published by Penguin Books, 1st September 2016 [purchase from Amazon UK]

Think you can draw Doctor Who? Time to get creative with scribbles of all shapes and sizes in this interactive Doctor Who doodle book!

Cover pages with monster footprints, sketch the scariest villains imaginable and design dastardly foes from your own imagination. Design a new scarf for the Fourth Doctor, some sand shoes for the Tenth Doctor, and dream up a new look for the Master. Doodle new gadgets, outfits, hiding places and battlegrounds.

The Whoniverse is yours to design in this awesome Doctor Who book!

Competition Question: Name the Doctor Who story which featured a monster derived from a drawing.
Send your answer to with the subject line "Idle Moments".
Choose the Future: Terror Moon (Credit: BBC Childrens Books)Choose the Future: Terror Moon
Published by Penguin Books, 1st September 2016 [purchase from Amazon UK]

When one choice can lead to triumph or failure, life or death, glory or destruction - what will you choose?

In this brand new adventure, Terror Moon, the Twelfth Doctor travels to a far-off moon base, only to discover a monstrous, flesh-eating horror lying in wait...

With Choose the Future, YOU decide how, when, where and with whom the Doctor will fight to save the world! The fate of the universe is in your hands...

Choose the Future: Night of the Kraken (Credit: BBC Childrens Books)Competition Question: name the previous range of "choose your own adventure" books that featured the tenth and eleventh Doctors.
Send your answer to with the subject line "Turn To Page 42".

This competition includes both the latest Choose The Future book and the earlier publication Night of the Kraken.
A History of Humankind (The Doctor's Official Guide) (Credit: BBC Childrens Books)A History of Humankind: The Doctor’s Official Guide
Published by Penguin Books, 6th October 2016 [pre-order from Amazon UK]

A history book 'improved' by the Twelfth Doctor, with annotations, scribblings, and his trademark snarky humour!

Over billions of years of time travel, the Doctor has run into his fair share of important people - and he's formed opinions on most of them too. Now the Twelfth Doctor has got hold of a history textbook from Coal Hill School, and he's
decided to improve it with notes of his own.

From Nefertiti to Robin Hood, this essential Doctor's guide gives us his unique take on Earth's most famous historical figures. Through annotations, scribblings and his trademark snarky humour, the Doctor has plenty to say about the pudding-brained humans he's met on his travels. It's history... but perhaps not quite as you know it!

Competition Question: name the first real-life person from history that the Doctor met in the television series.
Send your answer to with the subject line "Humans are quite my favourite species".
Time Lord Fairy Tales (Slipcase edition) (Credit: BBC Childrens Books)Time Lord Fairy Tales (slipcase edition)
Published by Penguin Books, 6th October 2016 [pre-order from Amazon UK]

With 16 hardback books each containing a fairy tale set in the world of Doctor Who, this slipcase edition of Time Lord Fairy Tales includes a brand new story for 2016: The Emperor Dalek's New Clothes.

Time Lord Fairy Tales contains legendary stories of monsters, mysteries, villains and heroes from across the Whoniverse. A beautifully illustrate collection of dark and dangerous Whovian fairy tales, this slipcase is the perfect gift for any true Doctor Who fan.

Competition Question: name a Time Lord fairy-tale/legend that the Doctor actually encounters in the television series.
Send your answer to with the subject line "Once upon a Time...".
Doctor Who Annual 2017 (Credit: BBC Childrens Books)Official Doctor Who Annual 2017
Published by BBC Childrens Books, 6th October 2016 [pre-order from Amazon UK]

Join the Doctor for brand-new adventures on board the TARDIS in this year's Doctor Who Annual. With secrets from the latest series, fact files on the latest terrifying monsters, exciting comic strips, stories, puzzles and activities, it's the perfect read for any fan of the brilliant BBC show Doctor Who.

Competition Question: which is the only "numbered" Doctor to not feature on a Doctor Who annual/yearbook cover?
Send your answer to with the subject line "One Year in the Life of the Doctor".
Twelve Doctors of Christmas (Credit: BBC Childrens Books)Twelve Doctors Of Christmas
Published by BBC Childrens Books, 6th October 2016 [pre-order from Amazon UK]

A beautifully illustrated collection of new Doctor Who stories, each featuring one of the twelve Doctors on a festive adventure in the TARDIS.

Written by six authors and with a full-page colour illustration for each story, these tales are full of magic, mystery, wonder, excitement - and everything else that fans love about a Doctor Who Christmas special.

Competition Question: name the only non-21st Century Doctor Who Christmas episode.
Send your answer to with the subject line "Ho Ho Ho!".
In addition to the new releases, BBC Childrens Books have kindly provided these publications from earlier in the year as additional competition prizes:

Doctor Who: The Essential Guide (Twelfth Doctor edition) (Credit: BBC Childrens Books)Doctor Who: The Essential Guide (Twelfth Doctor edition)
Published by Penguin Books, 7th April 2016 [purchase from Amazon UK]

A new edition of the ultimate and most essential guide to Doctor Who, now updated to include all twelve incarnations of the Doctor and covering all his newest adventures from Series 8 and 9.

Competition Question: the Doctor has often kept a diary of his experiences - how many years does his most recent cover?
Send your answer to with the subject line "Dipping into the Matrix".
Travels in Time (colouring book) (Credit: BBC Childrens Books)Doctor Who: Travels in Time
Published by Penguin Books, 7th April 2016 [purchase from Amazon UK]

Experience the timey-wimey travels of the Doctor moment by moment with this historical Doctor Who colouring book.

Inside you'll find the Doctor's greatest friends and foes from throughout all of history, with original illustrations featuring Churchill, Shakespeare, Van Gogh, Dickens, Madame de Pompadour and many more. Colour in kings and queens, Romans and Egyptians, Viking villages and erupting volcanoes... not forgetting the occasional dinosaur on a spaceship.

With 45 brand new images to colour, Travels in Time is a truly fantastic addition to any colouring collection.

Competition Question: name a story featuring a portrait the Doctor has painted.
Send your answer to with the subject line "Strike Me Pink!".
Doctor Who Dot-To-Doc (Credit: BBC Childrens Books)Doctor Who: Dot-To-Doc
Published by Penguin Books, 7th July 2016 [purchase from Amazon UK]

Join a galaxy of dots to draw the Doctor with this incredible dot-to-dot book!

With 45 intricate portraits to complete and over 500 dots in every drawing, Dot-to-Doc contains hours of creative and timey-wimey fun.

Inside you'll find every incarnation of the Doctor, plus favourite friends and foes - Rose, Donna, Captain Jack, Clara, the Ponds, a Dalek, a Cyberman, a Weeping Angel and many more...

Competition Question: in which story did the Doctor say a straight line might be the shortest distance between two points but it isn't the most interesting?
Send your answer to with the subject line "Going dotty".

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