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Sunday, 20 March 2016 - Reported by Marcus
The Doctor Who Project [TDWP] is seeking story proposals to form part of a forthcoming season of short stories.

TDWP centers on the continuing adventures of an alternate Tenth Doctor and his current travelling companion Hannah Redfoot. Stories are published as part of an overall season that concentrates on delivering a collection of short stories that sees the Doctor facing new and original situations in time and space.

The stories have typically been anywhere from 12,000-40,000 words and have featured elements from the original 1963-89 television series as well as original creations developed by the writers. The stories are published as free downloadable PDF documents featuring a novel-like layout and specially created covers.

The project is looking for imaginative, original and entertaining stories that see the Doctor and his companion travel and experience the wonders of the universe.

For details on how to contribute a story proposal to TDWP see the Submission Guidelines.

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