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Friday, 25 March 2016 - Reported by Marcus
Legacy Legacy Doctor Who Legacy has launched a new event for Easter. Using the new Easter Egg gem skins players can hunt down Easter eggs hidden around the levels of Legacy and collect a set of Adipose allies.

All levels in the game feature 150% experience, levels in the fan area are set to 200%

The Easter Sale is also now live giving 30% more crystals as well as a New Season 9 Pack with Season 9 characters and costumes, and a Sale on other packs including Season 8 and the complete Doctor set.

The Trickster Event, which will run for approximately 6 weeks, is also now live. The Trickster and his Brigade will use the chaos created by The Master to grow their influence over the world of Doctor Who: Legacy.

Each week during the Trickster Event, a new member of the Trickster Event team, will be rewarded for free, as a guaranteed drop. The team is comprised of: The Tenth Doctor (in his 3D glasses), Sarah Jane, Peri, Saibra, a Zygon, and the TARDIS.

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