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Tuesday, 16 February 2016 - Reported by Chuck Foster
BBC Books publish a new non-fiction book bringing together a day-to-day collection of key points in Doctor Who's history and narrative; 365 Days of Memorable Moments and Impossible Things is written by Justin Richards and is released on the 10th March:

365 Days of Memorable Moments and Impossible Things (Credit: BBC Books)365 Days of Memorable Moments and Impossible Things
Written by Justin Richards
Published by BBC Books, 10th March 2016 [pre-order]

For over half a century, Doctor Who has entertained and enthralled fans with the time-travelling adventures of the Doctor and his companions. From that first glimpse of a police telephone box in a Totter's Lane junkyard, to meeting terrifying villains such as the Daleks or the Weeping Angels, to the fall of the Doctor's home planet Gallifrey, the beloved series has provided a near-inexhaustible list of indelible memories.

This book is a unique and captivating day-by-day chronicle of those memories. In this fascinating compilation of fictional and historical events from the world's longest running science-fiction show. Doctor Who expert Justin Richards revisits iconic characters, thrilling plot twists and memorable battles, as well as sharing bonus behind-the-scenes secrets from both the classic and new series.

On this day in Doctor Who:
  • 8th January: Leela joins the fourth Doctor in the TARDIS
  • 1st February: The Cybermen disrupt Jackie Tyler's 40th birthday
  • 25th February: The Sontarans invade Gallifrey
  • 6th March: Rose Tyler joins the ninth Doctor in the TARDIS
  • 10th March: Davros creates the Daleks
  • 10th April: The Titanic sets sail with the ninth Doctor on board
  • 30th April: The War Doctor ends the last Great Time War
  • 3rd July: Steven Taylor joins the first Doctor in the TARDIS
  • 7th September: The seventh Doctor is born
  • 23rd November: The first Doctor appears in the first ever episode of Doctor Who
  • 3rd December: Agatha Christie solves a mystery with the tenth Doctor
  • 15th December: The fourth Doctor meets Sarah Jane Smith

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