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Monday, 29 February 2016 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Candy Jar Books have announced a new non-fiction title that delves into the science of Doctor Who:

Space, Time, Machine, Monster: Doctor Who Edition (Credit: Candy Jar Books)Space, Time, Machine, Monster: Doctor Who Edition
Written by Mark Brake and Jon Chase
Illustrated by Terry Cooper
Published by Candy Jar Books

Space, Time, Machine, Monster: Doctor Who Edition takes you on a journey into the science of Doctor Who.

Jam-packed with aliens, time machines, spaceships and lots of monsters, this book explores the secrets of the Universe’s favourite Time Lord.

And, for an extra bit of fun, we present our own Doctor Who Top 10s on topics such as planets, companions, favourite stories and catchphrases!

So how does a Dalek poo? Let’s find out!

The book is edited by Shaun Russell and Andy Frankham-Allen; Russell commented:
We had already released Mark’s Space, Time, Machine, Monster book based on science fiction in general. It seemed a natural progression to concentrate on Doctor Who. It was also great to welcome Jon Chase to the fold. His credentials are second-to-none; having worked on the BBC Bitesize Science TV series.

As well as Space, Time, Machine, Monster, Mark Brake has also written Space Hoppers, Really, Really Big Questions about Space and Time, and The Alien Hunter’s Handbook. On this new tome, he said:
Doctor Who was originally created to teach history and science. Even though the show has changed, I feel fundamentally that the Doctor’s adventures have something to teach us about our own world. My mission was to explore concepts from the series and see how they feature in our everyday lives.

The book can be purchased (for a limited period) as part of the Lethbridge-Stewart: Moon Blink bundle, or alongside the original Space, Time, Machine, Monster; full details can be found on the Candy Jar Books website.

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