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Wednesday, 20 January 2016 - Reported by Marcus
Doctor Who Director Rachel Talalay has been talking about the series and how it is perceived by the TV Industry.

Talalay has written a blog inspired by the recent controversy over the Oscar nominations and their lack of diversity. In the article the director talks about award nominations, and how they are skewed to favour traditional type dramas.
Historically, the BAFTA voters have a love for “Bonnets and Bustles”...... Doctor Who seems like an obvious skip-over. Yeah, sure, Peter Capaldi is a great actor, but who cares about that kids’ show? And it’s sci-fi, not ‘real’ drama, and it’ll be around forever and we need to support new and fresh.
The director disputes the implication that Doctor Who's long history means it is not new and fresh.
Spend five minutes watching the incredible anti-war speech delivered by Peter Capaldi in The Zygon Inversion. Or a few more minutes watching Jenna Coleman’s emotional, powerful goodbye in Face the Raven. You don’t need to know these character’s history to appreciate the tremendous work here.
Rachel Talalay directed the final two episodes of both Series 8 and Series 9, including the one man episode Heaven Sent where Peter Capaldi performed solo for the majority of the story
It is an absolute acting tour-de-force, all-doctor-all-the-time, and it demands to be seen before the voters turn to the obvious dramas.
She also paid tribute to members of the production team
Credit Will Oswald’s extraordinary editing of billions of years of footage. And Stuart Biddlecombe’s stunning cinematography. All accomplished on a budget less than ¼ of an episode of Game of Thrones. These craftsmen-artists need recognition.
Finally the director paid tribute to the mastermind of the series
None of this would be possible without Steven Moffat’s immaculate, intricately plotted, remarkable script. He stated, both publicly and to the team, that this was one of the hardest things he has ever written. Love or hate the Moff, honour him for the attempt at different television and the sweat and toil for a show that could be what non-watchers assume it is: some old time-travel show with monsters.
Full Blog at racheltalalay.tumblr.com

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