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Sunday, 20 December 2015 - Reported by Marcus
Credit: Tiny Rebel PressTiny Rebel Press have revealed their upcoming plans for the online game, Doctor Who Legacy.

This week sees the addition of rewards for those who unlock the Fan Area in the game. The Fan Area is a special reward area that unlocks as soon as players make their first purchase of a Handful of Time Crystals.

The Fan Area will be the home to the Signature Series which launched yesterday. Each day players will unlock an exclusive version of an ally which includes the actor's real signature. This ally series will be ongoing, but begins this week with Saibra (Pippa Bennett-Warner), Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker), Jo Grant (Katy Manning), Van Gogh (Tony Curran), Ace (Sophie Aldred), and Rigsy (Joivan Wade).

Christmas Eve for the Fan Area will add the Twelfth Doctor's fan favorite velvet jacket to his ever-growing wardrobe.

Christmas weekend will see the launch a new level based on "The Husbands of River Song" for all players with the reward of a new ally. In January, players can expect a first ever "Director's Cut" edition of the same episode with costumes galore.

Doctor Who: Legacy continues to thrive and grow, 2 years post launch, recently earning "Top Developer" status for the team on Google Play and passing the 1 million install mark on Google Play as well.

Next year's plans include the dynamic "Event" which has been hinted at in media, as well as the next instalment of Bigger on the Inside, which is being co-penned with George Mann (author of Engines of War) and more tie-ins with Titan Comics.

Credit: Tiny Rebel PressCredit: Tiny Rebel PressCredit: Tiny Rebel PressCredit: Tiny Rebel Press