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Monday, 7 September 2015 - Reported by Harry Ward
The Big Issue #1170 (Credit: The Big Issue Company) This week's edition of The Big Issue features a Doctor Who themed cover as well as an interview with Peter Capaldi.

In an exclusive interview with The Big Issue, Capaldi defended the BBC:
I absolutely love the BBC, I think it is a fabulous organisation. It is not perfect, but it has given us so much more than it has taken.

I think it is vital to have a public service broadcasting service of this scale. The opportunities it brings to the country are immense.

Do people think all these other television services are these great shakes, because they are simply not. Nobody else does what the BBC does. And it is an ethos, a way of thinking, a way of conducting themselves and viewing the world that is not about profit – when did that become bad news? When did that become uncool?
The full interview can be read in Issue 1170, on sale across Britain today.