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Tuesday, 18 August 2015 - Reported by Chuck Foster
SFX 265 (Credit: Future Publishing)The latest edition of SFX features a special look at the forthcoming series of Doctor Who, chatting to its stars Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, and lead writer Steven Moffat.

Talking about the evolution of the Doctor, Peter Capaldi said:
What I find interesting is that the Doctor is still sort of looking for himself. So he’s changed to some degree. He still has the same concerns and worries and darkness, if you like, but he’s embracing the present. But that’s really because he has a profound knowledge of the past and the future.
Jenna Coleman on Clara:
In a way she doesn’t fear as much because she’s got nothing to lose anymore. Because she’s kind of lost everything (since Danny's death) and luckily the Doctor came back. But I think she no longer fears her own mortality in a way. Which obviously makes her a very reckless companion. ... Clara in part thinks she’s a bit of the Doctor, and she really isn’t. She’s obviously human, and is obviously gonna get herself in a lot of trouble if she starts to think like that.

Talking about how far the format of the show can be pushed, Steven Moffat observed:
You have to treat the show like you own it. I don’t just mean me – I mean every writer, every director and
every actor that comes onto this show. I’m always saying, “It’s not a fancy heirloom. You’re not carrying this carefully to the next room. You’ve got to engage with it like you own it, otherwise it’s not a TV show, it’s a perfectly tended mausoleum.” At the same time I actually feel quite strongly that there is only so far you can go.
The magazine also includes a brief summary of what to expect during the twelve episode run; as to how the stories will be presented, he said:
Aside from having a lot more two-parters this time, we blur the lines between what’s a two-parter and what’s not: taking one strand of plot over two stories, that kind of thing. So you don’t quite know that everything is going to wrap up when you hit 43 minutes.

You can read the full interviews in the latest edition, out on Wednesday 19th August.