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Saturday, 8 August 2015 - Reviewed by Martin Hudecek
Paul_CornellPaul Cornell has been talking to Doctor Who News, prior to the launch of Titan's Doctor Who Summer event, which sees four Doctors take part in the 5-part weekly comics series written by Cornell and illustrated by Neil Edwards.

Cornell told us he approached by Titan's editor Andrew James to work on the series. He was introduced to artist's Neil Edward's prior work and was 'blown away' by the all-round quality including 'body language' and 'special effects'. He said that meant he was able to really be 'free' with the all-important dialogue and interaction between the three (and more!) Doctors.

With Cornell being as knowledgeable a writer as any for the TV series, as well as being keen to please the comic readership, he has focused on letting the Doctors be with one another as much as possible. Ten doesn't trust Twelve at all, and Twelve can't or won't explain how he can even exist. Eleven tries to moderate between them.

He also said he was going to pay the due care and attention for major companions Gabby and Alice (who have been in the respective 10th and 11th Doctor strips), as well as contemporary TV companion Clara Oswald. Each female assistant has the honour of "[narrating] at least one issue, [thus providing] a good way for new readers to meet them. "

Paul Cornell wisely kept some of his cards to his chest, knowing that surprise and dramatic effect is vital. However he did confirm that the plot is a bit of a summer blockbuster, in that it's more a timey-wimey rollercoaster, with a few old monsters, but it's all about how the Doctors react to what's being thrown at them.  And how their companions react to other Doctors.  "

He also was quite positive that this major event would have its own consequences for the ongoing Titan lines. As to the key event or device shaping the story: "[It is] a photograph that could destroy the universe."

In closing, Cornell agreed that the incredible comeback Doctor Who enjoyed was simply more than any casual TV viewer or die hard fan could have hoped for, back when he was helping 'keep the flame alive' by writing his groundbreaking New Adventures novels in the 1990s. He paid tribute to both main showrunners Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat for making anything possible for the TV show.

The full interview can be read on Doctor Who Reviews

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