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Monday, 18 May 2015 - Reported by Chuck Foster
The Ravolox Remixes (Credit: Dominic Glynn)Today sees the release of a new digital mini-album by composer Dominic Glynn. The Ravolox Remixes presents three remixes based upon music he originally created for Doctor Who in the 1980s, plus a new remix of his own Doctor Who theme variation from 1990.
  • The Trial Theme (Ravolox Remix)
  • Dragonfire: The Mark of Kane (L.I.Who Remix)
  • Survival: The Cheetah People (The Master's Remix)
  • Doctor Who: The Terror Version (Chicago Tardis Remix)
Commenting on Facebook, the composer said:
(The Trial Theme) is the music from the opening scene of The Trial of a Timelord remixed for 2015. I originally revisited this music for a flexi-disc on the cover of DWM (Doctor Who Monthly as it was then known) in 1990. (The Terror Version) is new arrangement from the 1990 Doctor Who: Variations On A Theme EP. This remix was originally performed at last year's Chicago TARDIS.

The mini album is available to purchase from our Amazon Shop in the United Kingdom and North America.

Last year Dominic Glynn released The Gallifrey Remixes, variations of his version of the Doctor Who theme used for The Trial of a Time Lord. ( UK / US )