Wikileaks Reveal Doctor Who Film as Part of 8 Year PlanBookmark and Share

Friday, 17 April 2015 - Reported by Marcus
The latest documents released by WikiLeaks reveal the desire of Sony and BBC Worldwide to make a Doctor Who movie.

Wikileaks has just published thousands of emails and documents that it obtained following a cyber-attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment last year. Included in the release are discussions between Sony executives about working with BBC Worldwide to produce a Doctor Who movie.

In an email to Sony Pictures Entertainment chief executive Michael Lynton, sent in January 2014, Sony's president of international production Andrea Wong said although the BBC were interested in the project it was the wrong time to push it. She said she had had discussions with Danny Cohen, the Director of BBC Television.
Just spoke to Danny Cohen re Dr Who. He said that while there has been tremendous interest (and pressure from BBCWW) to do a Dr Who film, the show runners feel very clear that they don’t want to do one at this moment. That said, over the course of the coming months, the show running team is coming up with an 8 year timeline for the brand – laying out all that will happen with it. He says that a film will certainly be a part of that timeline. So the answer is that a film won’t happen in the next year to 18 months, but it is expected that it will happen after that within the 8 year horizon. He expects the plan to be laid out by the end of the year...
Lynton asked if it would help if he met the showrunners when he visited the UK in March, but Wong advised him against the meeting.
Spoke to Danny and he doesn’t think it makes sense right now and actually might hurt our cause. He said that the creative team on the show have been having the movie conversation with BBC Worldwide in recent weeks and are very hot under the collar that their position on it is not being listened to or accepted....
Neither Sony or the BBC have responded to the specific leak. Sony has strongly condemned the release of material by Wikileaks saying "We vehemently disagree with WikiLeaks' assertion that this material belongs in the public domain."