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Tuesday, 28 April 2015 - Reviewed by Martin Hudecek
Cavan ScottDoctor Who News has conducted another interview with a writer for one of the Titan Comics series; this time meeting Cavan Scott - who is behind the brand new Ninth Doctor mini-series.

Scott first experienced Doctor Who during the Tom Baker era, but it was the early version of Doctor Who Magazine (when Davison's version was contemporary) that saw him become a real fan. The regular comic strip in  'Doctor Who Monthly' was pivotal in his career path of being a major contributor to the comic strip medium. He has always regarded the iconic Daleks as the best adversary to the Doctor but also rates the Zygons (who have appeared both in the classic series, as well as the anniversary special 'The Day Of The Doctor').

Scott was already producing Adventure Time strips for Titan, when the new Doctor Who licence was granted to the company. He then approached editor Andrew James, who had read the reference book 'Who-ology' (co-written by Mark Wright and Cavan). 

I asked what he regarded the Ninth Doctor's greatest strengths and weaknesses:
Enthusiasm, Renewed hope. Straight-talking.

His temper. Intolerance, at times. [Flirting with ] women.
Other discussion centred on just how pleasing the hit success of Doctor Who in 2005 was.
One of the best moments of 2005 was doing a signing and seeing so many children at the event. Finally, Doctor Who was back and where it belonged - in the heart of families! 
We also talked about the Ninth Doctor/ Rose/ Captain Jack dynamic that is a major focus point in the mini series, and how plot and character motivations were connected with the Time War and the universe now bereft of any Time Lords (barring of course the Doctor and the 'hidden' Master).

Scott also stated how he sees both fiction and non-fiction as story-telling processes that should somehow 'hook' the reader or viewer, and how the diversity in his projects keeps his creative energies going.

When asked about other programs he rates highly, he mentioned 'Star Trek', 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and 'Angel'. Ultimately though Doctor Who was the standout for its  'infinitely flexible' premise and scope.

Cavan Scott's Ninth Doctor mini-series has already seen release with Issue 1 available online or at all good comic book stores and newsagents.

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