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Saturday, 28 March 2015 - Reported by Marcus
Doom Coalition 1  (Credit: Big Finish)Big Finish have announced a new Eighth Doctor Series, Doom Coalition will be released in the Autumn.

Starring Paul McGann as the Doctor and Nicola Walker as his companion Liv Chenka, the series will see the TARDIS recalled to Gallifrey by the Time Lords, where they will be battling a new foe known only as The Eleven.

Doom Coalition is an epic saga that will span four box sets (a total of sixteen episodes) forming one breathtaking inter-connecting saga that will push the Doctor’s bravery and resourcefulness to its limits.

Producer David Richardson explained
The overall story of Doom Coalition was devised by myself and Ken Bentley over the course of many walks to the studio. Our framework has been fleshed out by a fantastic team of writers, and realised by a brilliant cast – and I can’t wait for the roller-coaster to begin in November
The series will be directed by Ken Bentley
Doom Coalition is unlike anything we’ve attempted before. It’s on a scale that we hope will satisfy loyal listeners. It’s also a new, completely stand-alone adventure, making it a great place to start if you’re listening to Doctor Who on audio for the very first time.
The first box set will see a new addition to the TARDIS team when gifted philologist Helen Sinclair steps aboard in the second episode. Helen is played by Hattie Morahan, whose many leading credits include Bodies, Eternal Law, The Bletchley Circle and the upcoming film Mr Holmes.

Richardson explained the premise behind the character
Helen is from 1963. She was, in part, inspired by Doctor Who’s first producer Verity Lambert – she’s a driven, career-minded woman in a male-dominated profession. And she’s a head-strong and capable companion in the mould of Barbara Wright, Sarah Jane Smith and Tegan Jovanka.

Hattie had been on our radar for some time and we’d been waiting for the right role to come along. When we were recording Dark Eyes 4 Hattie’s name came up during conversation and Paul got very enthusiastic, telling us how much he’d like to work with her. The pieces just fell into place. It was the most effortless casting ever.
Doom Coalition’s first episode also introduces a brand new villain – albeit one that the Doctor has been batting throughout his lives. The Eleven is a Time Lord who retains each one of his personalities every time he regenerates; now in his Eleventh incarnation, he is an insane sociopath. Captured by the Seventh Doctor and placed in confinement on Gallifrey, the Eleven has been contained for many years. But now he has escaped.

The Eleven is played by Mark Bonnar, who was recently seen in Channel 4’s Catastrophe, and won critical acclaim in The Line of Duty. His other leading credits include Shetland, Psychoville and Paradox.

The first volume’s cast also includes Robert Bathurst (Downton Abbey, Toast of London, Blandings), Caroline Langrishe (Dominick Hide, Lovejoy, Judge John Deed), Ramon Tikaram (Stella, Jupiter Ascending, Game of Thrones), David Yelland (Chariots of Fire, Poirot), John Woodvine (Doctor Who: The Armageddon Factor), Harry Myers (Bernice Summerfield), Esther Hall (Queer as Folk, Spooks, Rome) and Matthew Cottle (Game On, Citizen Khan).

Doom Coalition 1 is released in October 2015. The remaining three volumes will follow at six month intervals through 2016 and into 2017

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