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Friday, 23 January 2015 - Reported by Marcus
This week is Fan Area Appreciation Week at Doctor Who: Legacy.

This week those who unlock the Fan Area in the online game, will find a week long 150% experience bonus and 150% time fragment drop rate along with 3 new levels based on the Titan Comics books which will reward them when completed with a costume for each of the 3 most recent Doctors and a new ally, ARC, from the Eleventh's comic book series.

Tiny Rebel Games explained why they are organising the event to pay tribute to the fans
We're a game of a 'different breed' as many of you know. We don't coerce our players to spend money with energy meters, pay walls, and tricks. We simply make a game that celebrates our love of Doctor Who and enables over 1.5 million Doctor Who fans to do the same. We also have tried to trail-blaze by adding new content continually -- aiming for weekly -- and we're now up over 60 hours of gameplay, we have every Doctor from the series and over 100 allies from both classic and modern Doctor Who!

We do this because a core group of our players get the value here -- that we'll never force them to spend money but if they do help us out by buying a handful of time crystals, we can keep this game going and growing for years. And we thank them for doing it by having a special area packed with exclusive ally and costume rewards and bonuses.