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Wednesday, 7 January 2015 - Reported by Marcus
Doctor Who finished Christmas Day as the Sixth most watched programme on British television for the day.

Final figures, which include those who record the programme and watch within seven days, give Last Christmas a final rating of 8.28 million viewers. The rating is down from the 11.14 million achieved the previous year when The Time of the Doctor saw the departure of the Eleventh Doctor. Ratings across the board are down with no programme reaching ten million viewers in the whole Christmas week. Top of the list was Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas Special which had 9.7 million watching, down from 11.52 million last year.

The final figures don't include those watching on iPlayer where Doctor Who had 1.06 million requests during Christmas week. Overall it was the 9th most requested programme, losing the title of Most requested programme over Christmas, a title it has held since the iPlayer was introduced. Top Gear topped the list this year, airing the controversial episodes filmed in Patagonia.

Victoria Jaye, Head of TV Content for BBC iPlayer has posted a blog praising the success of the iPlayer
BBC iPlayer usage over Christmas was up year on year. December saw a record-breaking 227 million requests, (excluding Sky and Virgin Cable), which is up 25% on December 2013. And since its launch, there’s been a staggering 30 million downloads of the BBC iPlayer app. Christmas week was a record-breaking week, with 54.5m requests and New Year’s Day was the best day on record, with 5.2 million unique browsers
Doctor Who's finished between 6th and 8th for the week. Final figures will be confirmed later in the week when full ITV HD and +1 figures are released.