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Sunday, 21 December 2014 - Reported by Chuck Foster
We are pleased to announce that Big Finish have provided us with a new prize for our annual Predict The Ratings competition for Last Christmas - the winner, who comes closest to guessing the final consolidated viewing figure for the episode, will now receive a year's free subscription to their main range of Doctor Who audio adventures, which next year chalks up its 200th adventure!

The signed scripts will still feature as an additional prize for the runner up with the next closest guess.

You can find the full competition entry details in this article.

Big Finish main range adventures in 2015

The first three adventures for 2015 see the Doctor return to E-Space, travelling this time with Tegan, Turlough and Nyssa. In January's Mistfall (by Andrew Smith) the quartet end up on Alzarius and face vying factions of another starliner. Then in February's Equilibrium (Matt Fitton) they arrive on the icy world of Isenfel and learn the price of survival. Finally, March's The Entropy Plague (Jonathan Morris) sees a race on to find the exit from E-Space before all power is lost to ever increasing entropy.

Big Finish: Jan 2015 - 195: MistfallBig Finish: Feb 2015 - 196: EquilibriumBig Finish: Mar 2015 - 197: The Entropy PlagueBig Finish: Apr 2015 - 198: The DefectorsBig Finish: May 2015 - 199: Last of the CybermenBig Finish: Jun 2015 - 200: The Secret History

Then the second quarter of 2015 sees a special set of adventures to celebrate the regular range reaching number 200; script editor Alan Barnes explains:
For some time, I'd been thinking it was a shame we couldn't make more use of the first three Doctors' companions in the Main Range. Continuity permitting (or even not!), we can always have the Fifth, Sixth or Seventh Doctors meeting up with friends they said 'goodbye' to years before... but there have been a fair few School Reunion-type stories now, and they're great, but I couldn't help wondering: can't we do something different?

Then I thought: what if the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors turned up bang in the middle of earlier, unseen adventures – standing in for their 'proper' selves, who've gone AWOL for some reason or other...? Locum Doctors, if you will! And that's what we've done!

In The Defectors (by Nicholas Briggs), the seventh Doctor finds himself alongside his third incarnation's UNIT cohorts Jo Grant Captain Mike Yates. Then, the sixth Doctor explores a strange citidel alongside Jamie and Victoria in Last of the Cybermen (Alan Barnes). And finally, the range reaches its 200th adventure as the fifth Doctor arrives in sixth century Constantinople alongside Steven and Vicki, and discovers why he's being dragged back into the lives of his former incarnations in The Secret History (Eddie Robson).

Heading into the latter half of the year, July sees the seventh Doctor and Mel arriving in the 1980s in We Are The Daleks, and then in August the duo find something disturbing in a deep space packaging facility. The rest of 2015 has yet to be announced.