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Saturday, 27 December 2014 - Reported by Marcus
Toby Hadoke has completed the 100th Podcast in his quest to get anecdotes about every Doctor Who story broadcast during the show's first fifty years.

The actor and comedian, and the man behind the review Moths ate my Doctor Who Scarf, began his quest in January 2013 by interviewing special effects make-up artists Susan Moore and Steve Mansfield. Over the next 100 editions he has talked to a vast range of personal associated with the series in its long history, giving a real insight into the way the show was made and uncovering previously unheard stories.

The 100th edition was released on Christmas Day and reveals whether Hadoke was successful in his quest.

All The Podcasts are hosted by Big Finish and all are available to download for free from the Big Finish Website.

Everyone involved has given their time for nothing and listeners are invited to make donations to the interviewee's favourite charity.