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Saturday, 6 December 2014 - Reported by Marcus
This month in BBC Doctor Who Adventures you’ll find the first pictures from the Christmas episode plus an exclusive interview with actress Jenna Coleman who talks about the upcoming episode.
It’s about what’s real and what isn’t and about dreams. And Father Christmas is in it – with elves! It’s not your traditional Christmas but there are definitely some traditional elements in there.
Coleman also tells what she likes about Christmas Day, the first Christmas she remembers and what present she thinks the Doctor would get her.
A mask – because he’s always commenting how she looks tired. A mask with his own face on it probably!
The issue comes with a free monster kit, which includes four characters to build.

  • 25 awesome facts for every day until Christmas.
  • What would the Doctor’s enemies get him for Christmas?
  • A seasonal adventure for the Doctor and Clara in an exciting comic strip.
  • Race Against Time with a cool board game.
  • Cut out a scary Snowman mask!
  • Read a guide to Christmas monster invasions.
  • Make Monster gift tags for your presents.
  • Read a festive behind-the-scenes feature.
  • Mega prize page, puzzles and four posters – including a stunning image from the Christmas special. You can win the Complete David Tennant years and loads of Doctor Who books, too.
The new Christmas issue of BBC Doctor Who Adventures, Issue 359, is on sale for four weeks from 3 – 30 December, priced £3.99.