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Friday, 31 October 2014 - Reported by Harry Ward
Lovarzi, the makers of officially licensed Doctor Who scarves have added the Fifth Doctor's cricket jumper to their range along with two new scarves.

Maninder Singh Sahota, Director of Lovarzi, says:
We've been overwhelmed and delighted by the reaction our Doctor Who products have garnered; the hard work and attention to detail we put into creating finest quality items is always worthwhile when we see the smiles of fans whenever we exhibit our ever-expanding range. We're extremely proud to see dedicated Whovians indulging in their favourite items, and are sure these three new products will be welcomed into the fandom just as warmly.

Danie Ware from Forbidden Planet added:
We had a huge success with the Seventh Doctor’s knitwear last year, and with the continued rise of the cult status of Doctor Who, this new range is perfect for all fans of the series. The Fourth Doctor’s scarf is one of the single most iconic Who symbols, and the additions of the TARDIS scarf, and the Fifth Doctor’s cricketing sweater will make sure everyone’s wrapped up this Christmas!

Fifth Doctor Cricket Sweater (Credit: Lovarzi) Fifth Doctor Cricket Sweater
available to order now: (Amazon UK), (Forbidden Planet)

The Only Fifth Doctor Sweater Officially Licensed by the BBC!

Peter Davison's Fifth Doctor is one of the most popular incarnations of the world's favourite Time Lord - and deservedly so! He fought the Black Guardian, Cybermen, Silurians, and Sea Devils before sacrificing himself on Androzani Minor: this fresh-faced man who came and went like a summer cloud always looked every bit the hero.

Following Davison's original cricket whites notion, our officially-licensed Fifth Doctor Sweater is based on his much-loved Season 19 and 20 look. What's more, he also wore it for the 20th anniversary special, The Five Doctors, and 2007's charity short, Time Crash, which featured both the Fifth and Tenth Doctors - the first multi-Doctor story of the revived show!
Fourth Doctor Scarf 18 ft Long Season 16 - 17 (Credit: Lovarzi) Fourth Doctor Scarf
available to order now: ((Amazon UK), ((Forbidden Planet)

The 18ft Long Fourth Doctor Scarf is warm, comfortable, and great for fans of Tom Baker!

The Doctor's worn cool bow ties, cricket jumpers, and questionably-colourful jackets, but Tom Baker's supremely long multi-coloured scarf is the quintessential Doctor Who accessory. Our replica is based on the 18ft scarf the Fourth Doctor wore throughout Seasons 16 and 17, initially made by sewing the original to the stunt double's!

It's ideal for strolling through Paris, searching for the Key to Time - or simply showing off your Whovian allegiance. Because no matter where you are, whoever you meet, everyone appreciates this iconic design.
available to order now: Blue & Grey - (Amazon UK), (Forbidden Planet), Blue & Red: (Amazon UK), (Forbidden Planet), Grey & White: (Amazon UK), (Forbidden Planet)

Vworp! Vworp! This exclusively-designed TARDIS Scarf looks great wherever you are in time and space!

We initially set eyes on the TARDIS in the very first episode of Doctor Who, An Unearthly Child, and discovered that it's alive. But what else do we know? Well, it's bigger on the inside, of course. The chameleon circuit allows it to blend into its environment - but it's broken, and has permanently taken on the guise of a blue police call box. The Doctor "borrowed" it.

And the most important thing: it's incredible.

Our exclusive TARDIS Scarf is a celebration of Doctor Who, presented in a beautiful box, topped off with the foil-printed BBC Doctor Who logo.

TARDIS Scarf (Blue & Grey) (Credit: Lovarzi) TARDIS Scarf (Blue & Red) (Credit: Lovarzi) TARDIS Scarf (Grey & White) (Credit: Lovarzi)

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