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Friday, 19 September 2014 - Reported by Chuck Foster and Pascal Salzmann
With an 8:30pm timeslot for the new Doctor's sixth adventure The Caretaker announced by the BBC earlier this week, German broadcaster FOX have now confirmed that they will amend their schedule to accomodate the later time. The channel has to date aired the series at 9:00pm European time, a little later than the BBC One broadcast, but from the 27th September German viewers will be able to enjoy the episode simulataneously with those in the United Kingdom.

FOX told us:
Tatsächlich wird die BBC in UK am 27. September eine neue Sendezeit für "Doctor Who" testen. An diese Zeit müssen sich selbstverständlich alle ausstrahlenden Länder halten, um die Folgen nicht vor der Weltpremiere zu zeigen. Episode 6 ist am 27. September um 21.30 Uhr gleichzeitig zur UK-Ausstrahlung auf Fox zu sehen.

It is indeed the case that the BBC in the UK is going to test a new airtime for "Doctor Who" on 27th September. All broadcasting countries have to change their schedules, of course, to not broadcast the episode before the world premiere. Episode 6 will be shown at 27th September, 9.30pm, at the same time as in the UK.

The series is currently broadcast in English on Saturday evenings, preceeded by the previous episode with subtitles; the entire series is due to be repeated with a German soundtrack from the 15th November.