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Saturday, 20 September 2014 - Reported by Marcus
Doctor Who - Deep Breath has a final Live+7 UK TV audience of 10.76 million viewers.

The Live+7 figure includes not only those who watch the BBC One broadcast and those who time-shift it, but also those who watch the repeats on other UK channels and those who watch the programme on i-Player. The total figure is an estimate of the total number of unique viewers, who have watched the episode on television, within one week on broadcast.

The Deep Breath figure was made up of
  • 6.807 million - Watched Live or by delayed recording on the same day
  • 0.456 million - watched a repeat
  • 2.525 million - watched on Time-shift
  • 0.971 million - watched on iPlayer
66% of the audience watched it Live or on the same day compared with a BBC average of 87%. 22% watched on time-shift where the average is 6%, and 9% watched on iPlayer compared to an average for all BBC programmes of 3%.

The figure does not include those who watched only at a cinema.

Robot of Sherwood has now been confirmed as finishing 10th in the weekly chart. Is the sixth episode in a row to reach the UK top Ten