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Monday, 15 September 2014 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Angus Lennie (Credit: Chuck Foster)The actor Angus Lennie has died, aged 84.

A star of a number of film and television series, Lennie will perhaps be best remembered by the public for his role as Scottish prisoner of war Archibald Ives in the 1963 blockbuster movie The Great Escape.

However, for Doctor Who fans he'll be remembered for his two appearances in the show. In 1968 he played the scavenger Storr as part of a "double-act" alongside Peter Sallis as Penley, meeting an untimely end as he misjudged the eponymous antagonists of the Patrick Troughton story The Ice Warriors. He then returned to the series in 1975, portraying the indominatable, bagpipe playing Angus, keeper of The Fox Inn where UNIT made their base and whose character meets another horrific death, this time at the hands of the Zygons in the Tom Baker story Terror of the Zygons - a story also chosen to represent Baker's era last year in the special release, The Fourth Doctor Time Capsule.

A veteran of film, television and the stage, other notable roles included Flying Officer Hoppy Hopkinson in the film 633 Squadron and Shughie McFee in the original run of the soap Crossroads; he also appeared as Mr Tumnus in the 1969 BBC adaptation of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Able Seaman Murdoch in HMS Paradise, Hamish in One Of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing, and was back in primetime television for his last acting role as Badger in the BBC's Monarch of the Glen.

The actor passed away in a nursing home in Acton last night after being ill in recent years.
Angus Lennie, 18th April 1930 - 14th September 2014

The Doctor Who Appreciation Society have an interview with the actor on their YouTube channel (pts 1 and 2), recorded at their Who@38.con convention in 2001.