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Saturday, 30 August 2014 - Reported by Marcus
The latest edition of the fanzine Planet of the Ming Mongs is now available as a free download.

Ming Mong (n.) - an obsessive fan of Doctor Who

Rise of the Planet of the Ming Mongs (n.) - a free online fanzine celebrating Doctor Who fandom

A suspicious number of years in the making, Rise of the Planet of the Ming Mongs is literally stuffed with contents, from alphanumeric characters to punctuation symbols - all carefully arranged into vaguely coherent sentences!
  • GASP at Charles Daniels' incredible story of how Doctor Who saved him!
  • SAVOUR an academic take on spoilers by Professor Matt Hills!
  • MEET questionable fan Conway in Giacomo Lee’s fabulous fiction!
  • UNCOVER what Garr and Suthers have been up to in their dingy basement archive!
  • READ JUICY DETAILS of Peri and Yrcanos's private life!
  • SALIVATE over recently-uncovered deleted scenes from the 1975 Blue Peter annual!
  • RECOIL IN HORROR as we subject a non-fan to near-lethal doses of Doctor Who!
  • STARE IN DISBELIEF at our borderline-libellous Writer's Tale parody!
…and lots more besides! Fifty fun-filled pages, all dripping with the warm juices of fandom.

Rise of the Planet of the Ming Mongs. What could possibly go wrong?

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