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Tuesday, 19 August 2014 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Next week's edition of the Radio Times continues the tradition of a Doctor Who cover for the new series, with Peter Capaldi gracing the front as the magazine introduces readers to a new series and a new Doctor.

Inside there is a new exclusive interview and cover short with Capaldi, plus a guide to all twelve of the episodes from the lead writer Steven Moffat. The issue also advertises itself as a "Blippar special", and includes additional Doctor Who content where the Blippar logo appears.

On being unveiled as the new Doctor in August last year, Capaldi says:
There was a lot of cloak-and-dagger stuff on the way to the studio; the BBC genuinely felt it had to maintain secrecy so I was taken to a car park, dropped off by one car and put in another car with a blanket over my head. For all I knew, because I couldn't see or hear anything, there might have been no one there and it could all have been a load of baloney.
Radio Times (23-29 Aug 2014) (Credit: Radio Times) Radio Times (23-29 Aug 2014) - digital edition (Credit: Radio Times)

The Radio Times is available digitally, and in newsagents and other shops from today.
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