Win a sonic screwdriver remote control with DWABookmark and Share

Thursday, 3 July 2014 - Reported by John Bowman
Doctor Who Adventures is giving readers the chance to win a sonic screwdriver universal remote control in its latest issue.

It is inviting them to say what they would do if they had their own sonic - and the top three answers will win a universal remote control.

Issue 349 - which is out now - sees the start of a new feature entitled Monsterchef, in which readers can learn how to turn a pizza into a monster meal. It also has a comic-strip adventure for the Doctor and Clara that has been written by former script editor Andrew Cartmel.

The magazine comes with free Sontaran and Weeping Angel mini armies, plus:
  • What would happen if the Weeping Angels teamed up with the Daleks?
  • The latest photos from the new series
  • Dalek secrets
  • How would you battle aliens?
  • Strax's guide to Zygons
  • Puzzles and posters
  • Goodies to be won
Issue 349 of DWA is available until Tuesday 15th July.