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Friday, 27 June 2014 - Reported by Marcus
Inferno Fiction 17Issue Seventeen of the Fanzine Inferno Fiction is now available online.

In this issue
  • The Fear Of All Sums
    by Samuel Marks
    Part 3: The Doctor is reunited with The Cavalier. A Zeronaught is exposed and the Kuricam catch up with their prey...
  • Old Iron
    by Michael Baxter
    Dr Who and his granddaughter Susan arrive at 76 Totters Lane, Shoreditch where the premises and its contents of the late Isaac Foreman are being checked out by two unsavoury rag and bone men...
  • The Rallax Operation
    by Al Dickerson
    Part 2: Spoilers are Avoided. A Number of Corridors are traversed. Oneness with the Universe is Achieved. An Unbearable Occurrence occurs. Unstoffe remembers Moe. A Trilling Sound bothers the Bobs. There is a Hook, a Line and a Stinker. A retirement is deferred.
  • Veil Of The Rani
    by Ryan Denyer
    Part 1: Arriving on Xtrina2, the Doctor encounters the mysterious Lucinda Black and an old, dying enemy, the Rani.
  • Oh My Giddy Aunt!
    by Sean Bassett
    Act I: Madame Kovarian presides over a musical extravaganza for members of the Church of the Silence, featuring the life story of the Doctor from his first incarnation to his fifth in Act I
  • In Her Absence
    by Julie Kay
    Part 1: This is the epic, beautiful and exciting tale of the early days of the Silurian warrior Madame Vastra. Ranging from her early travels with the Doctor to her adventures in the alleys of Victorian London, this is Vastra's story.
  • Threat Of The Cybermen
    by Nathan Mullins
    Part 1: The Doctor and Clara must stop the threat of the army of Cyber kings...

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