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Sunday, 22 June 2014 - Reported by John Bowman
The new edition of Doctor Who Adventures takes a look at the biggest and scariest scares in Doctor Who.

For issue 348, the team have uncovered the grossest and yuckiest things from the series - and they want to see if readers agree with their Top 10 choices.

The magazine also comes with a free stationery set featuring the Alien Babies, plus:
  • A guide to the Eleventh Doctor's episodes
  • A fact file about the Alien Babies
  • Cut-out-and-keep Dalek information
  • Make a vortex manipulator
  • Strax's guide to the Ood
  • Win a bike, Pokémon goodies and an iPad
  • Danger and surprises for the Doctor and Clara in the comic strip - and watch the story come alive with the free Blippar app
  • Puzzles, posters and monster fun
Issue 348 of DWA is available until Tuesday 1st July.