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Thursday, 8 May 2014 - Reported by Chuck Foster
The Doctor Who Appreciation Society have announced a preview of a new version of the Doctor Who theme by composer Dominic Glynn at their forthcoming Myth Makers convention in June:

Next month, composer Dominic Glynn will release a new version of the Doctor Who theme (in four different mixes) via Amazon and iTunes. This new version was initially premiered at the 'Gallifrey One' event in Los Angeles earlier this year.

DWAS is very pleased to announce that the new version will also be previewed at its forthcoming 'Myth Makers' event at Riverside Studios in London on 1st June, prior to its official release on June 16th at which Dominic is a guest. On this occasion only, attendees will be able to see the theme set to a brand new video made by Doctor Who documentary maker Brendan Sheppard. This will be a once only screening!

As well as Dominic other guests confirmed are: Colin Baker, Derrick Sherwin, Terrance Dicks, Andrew Cartmel, Mike Tucker and Philip Hinchcliffe.

For more information on Dominic Glynn please visit his website.

For more details please visit the event website.

(with thanks to Paul Winter/DWAS

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