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Sunday, 2 March 2014 - Reported by John Bowman
An annual devoted to the film version of the Doctor as played by Peter Cushing has been created by fans.

Designed to fit between the second and third annuals brought out by World Distributors in the 1960s and produced in a similar style, the unofficial FANNUAL: The Peter Cushing Dr. Who Annual has 172 pages of stories, features and artwork, all complying with the continuity of the two 1960s films Dr. Who and the Daleks and Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.

Publisher Scott Burditt said:
It's rare to find new adventures of Peter Cushing's Dr. Who in print. There was a comic book adaption of Dr. Who and the Daleks by Dell Publishing in 1966 and that's about it. FANNUAL is all set to change this. For the first time ever, the unofficial Dr. Who is treated to his very own unofficial annual. Most appropriate!

This really has been a labour of love for all concerned, done out of genuine affection and fondness for the films' interpretation of the Doctor Who mythology, and I've had a great response from the people who already have a copy of it.
The publication is available in the following options:
  • Yellow or violet cover with colour pages
  • Blue or lime cover with black-and-white pages
  • Red cover with colour pages
Plus, in a nod to one of the scenes in the first film, there is also an alternative paperback cover available with the title Time Travel For The Inquiring Mind. This version has black-and-white pages.

A teaser message from Dr. Who himself is given below:
Time travel. It's supposed to be impossible, isn't it? Well, actually, going forwards in time isn't really a problem at all is it? Just imagine if you could bend the rules . . . Well, I have managed to do just that! Moving freely forwards and backwards through time and space with my own invention is most exciting I can tell you!

1963 was the year it all began. I finally worked out how to make the machine work, and despite the fact that I am a grandfather and quite an old man now, I am still very sprightly because my adventures have given me a new lease of life! Which is just as well, as you will soon discover! Sadly, I can't turn back my own body clock and travel around the cosmos as a young man but I have shared all of the fun with my close friends and family and now I will share it with you . . .

So, let me take a rest from adventuring for a moment to regale some of the tales and the mysteries and challenges we've all faced across the galaxy from visiting our own and other strange worlds, with all of the many unusual and terrifying creatures we have encountered and the new lessons the universe has taught us in the process.

In this book you will find out about myself, my family and friends and the inner workings of my wonderful time machine with a friendly technical diagram highlighting all of the main features.

In my travels I have become caught in events surrounding the civil war of the 1600s, been to a distant alien world in a prelude to a mystery involving a couple I encountered on Barnes Common, and visited the planet Silicus, where I discovered men made of metal! Scary stuff indeed!

I've become a hostage of alien stowaways in my time machine, and on the planet Samsara my granddaughter and I were caught up in a conflict between two sides of the Brethren of Infinity as they waited for their Great Deity to save them from its imminent apocalypse . . .

My friends have even been accidentally miniaturised with one of my other inventions! Oh, the fun they had sorting that out! I've upset a couple of alien traders, encountered familiar-looking robots and landed in one of the most terrible places in human history - No Man's Land during the First World War . . .

I've explored the far side of the galaxy and managed to salvage the cultural heritage of an alien race, and I visited the strange Museum of Space Science in the year 3000 . . .

Also, on a very beautiful planet, my granddaughter encountered an alien prince and the two became romantically involved, which was very sweet. I've defeated evil terrifying robots who enslaved the people of the Earth in the year 2150AD and met intergalactic traders on the War Moon of planet Skirm, and my granddaughter befriended a strange creature on yet another alien planet, unaware that it was actually plotting to kill her at the first opportunity!

I've upset The Knights of Chronos, who are the self-styled guardians of time, and they put me on trial for creating a temporal paradox by returning a policeman I had met to 1966 before he actually left with me on my travels! Most confusing!

Anyway, you can find out about it all for yourself in detail in this marvellous book. I had hoped to write more about my adventures but I am so very busy exploring as I just don't want to miss out on all of the wonders and secrets the universe has to offer before, one day, I have to retire.

I know this sounds like the witterings of a mad old man but I can promise you that these events did actually happen! Enjoy this volume compiled by my friends and travel with me into this fantasy world that I have made a reality!
Examples of the covers and pages are given below:

And in an exclusive for Doctor Who News, here is clean artwork by Tony Clark for the fannual story Day of the Automatons, reproduced by kind permission of the artist:

UPDATE - 3rd MARCH: The red-cover paperback with colour pages is now sold out.

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