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Friday, 14 March 2014 - Reported by Marcus
To celebrate Doctor Who's 50th anniversary, asked fans to re-enact their favourite Doctor Who moment. Hundreds of fans from over 30 countries sent in their videos. Here are some of their favourite entries.

Fanfilm: That Time of Night

The team behind the Spanish fanfilm The Imperfect World is following up with a series of shorts. The first installment, That Time of Night (original title Esas Horas de la Noche) features the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler, and can be viewed worldwide on youtube with English subtitles. Director Marta Romero says: "The script will really hook the fans, since the relationship between the Doctor and Rose is such an elemental part of the show."

The team opened a crowdfunding page to help finance the rest of the webseries and the sequel to The Imperfect World.
Whotopia Issue 27 is now available

In this issue; A serious study of all things sonic by Dave Columbus & Jurgen Pfeffer;
Big Finish's Unbound Collection comes under the spotlight with Matthew Kresal;
A tribute to the designer who created the iconic figure of the Daleks;
Bob Furnell takes account of some recent DVD viewing; Managing the merchandise with Paula Hammond;
Michael S. Collins highlights the early pioneers of Doctor Who; The epic journey reaches the end... or does it?
Nick Mellish investigates; Bob Furnell shines the spotlight on William Hartnell's swansong;
Whotopia reviews some of the special 50th Anniversary programming;
Jon Arnold assesses the 50th Anniversary Special; Dave Columbus reviews An Adventure In Time and Space;
The Science of Doctor Who with Thomas Spychalski;
Multi-national reports on The Day of The Doctor cinema showings;
Thomas Spychalski reviews the Blue Peter homages to Time Lords and TARDIS's;
Matthew Kresal reviews BBC Radio 2's special anniversary tribute.