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Friday, 14 February 2014 - Reported by John Bowman
A 1977 programme featuring Jon Pertwee and his son Sean is to be shown as part of an event paying tribute to the ITV channel Thames.

A Salute To Thames will feature a number of programmes made by the company, including an edition of quiz series Whose Baby? The format of the show saw one or more children of celebrities presented to a guest panel, who then asked them various questions about what their parent did, to try to find out who they were, with the parent then being brought on if guessed correctly or not. The edition being shown during A Salute To Thames was originally broadcast on Wednesday 19th January 1977. Hosted by Roy Castle, it featured Jon Pertwee - as well as the actress Sylvia Syms - among the mystery stars. Sean would have been 12 at the time of the broadcast. His elder sister, Dariel, did not take part in the programme.

Sean Pertwee was one of the multitude of actors who appeared in the 50th-anniversary skit The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot.

A Salute To Thames has been organised by the TV archive organisation Kaleidoscope and is to be held at The Talbot Hotel in Stourbridge on Saturday 1st March, starting at midday and with "closedown" at 7pm.

Thames Television was formed with the merger of Rediffusion and ABC, broadcasting on weekdays to London and the surrounding areas from 30th July 1968 until 31st December 1992. It also produced programmes for the ITV network, including the celebrity panel mystery show Whodunnit?, which was hosted for a number of series by Jon Pertwee and whose differing guest cast acting out the scenarios included Katy Manning, Mary Tamm, William Russell and Philip Madoc.

Another of Thames's popular shows was The Tomorrow People, which saw the TV debut of Peter Davison and whose theme music was composed by Dudley Simpson - it is now enjoying an American-made, adult revival, currently airing on The CW in the USA and E4 in the UK.