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Monday, 3 February 2014 - Reported by John Bowman
The BBC has had to correct itself over the make of boots being worn by Peter Capaldi as the Doctor.

The entire costume ensemble was revealed last Monday, with the BBC stating that the footwear was Dr Marten shoes. However, it was subsequently realised that the corporation had erred and that they were, in fact, made by Loake - a Kettering-based footwear firm with a warrant of appointment to the Queen. It also transpired that Capaldi had bought the boots himself.

In a report in the Daily Telegraph, Nicholas Roumana, the owner of the British Boot Company (spot the coincidence as regards the shop's initials!) in Camden Town, said of the Loakes:
Peter Capaldi came in a week or two before Christmas and said he was looking for a pair of smart dress boots. I suggested this one, because not only is it very smart, it's exclusive to us and made in England. It's a great boot. He bought it in size 10.
According to reports, a second pair was bought last Tuesday to be used by Capaldi's stunt double.

A tweet from the official Doctor Who Twitter account last Friday stated the following:

The new outfit has been deconstructed in a Telegraph online piece in which Crombie is reported as saying that it didn't make Capaldi's coat, although it was labelled a Crombie coat by the BBC. However, this could simply be a case of the coat having been made out of Crombie cloth. According to the online piece, Crombie has provided the BBC's costume department with several coats for the new series.