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Monday, 20 January 2014 - Reported by John Bowman
Tom Baker celebrates his 80th birthday today and the BBC has simultaneously released a short video in which the actor discusses playing the Doctor and his return last year to the programme.

In it, he says:
It's 30-odd years since I finished with it but I still get recognised. Everybody in the village calls me "Doctor" and people on building sites still shout "'Ello Doctor!" which amuses me no end!

In addition, a slightly longer audio-only interview has been made available via BBC Worldwide's Doctor Who site in which Baker says he stayed for so long in the show because it made him so happy:
I've been gone and I keep telling people I wrote an autobiography and said how happy I was doing Doctor Who and here I am now about to have my 80th birthday event and I'm Doctor Who again, you know, so my happiness is restored.
Asked to sum up in one line his Doctor for someone who had never seen him, Baker responds: "One word, I think: Adorable!" and laughs. The interview can be listened to below: