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Wednesday, 29 January 2014 - Reported by Marcus
The latest issue of Doctor Who Adventures discovers the secrets of The Silence.

The issue includes the third and final token for the chance to win a real life-size Dalek. If you've missed a token don't worry as there's a bonus one in issue 339.

  • Which is scarier? Monstrous and massive or teeny and terrifying – readers can decide for themselves with the help of the monster feature.
  • What kind of companion are you? Take our fun quiz to find out.
  • Win your very own Doctor Who bedroom makeover.
  • Make a Zygon mask to scare your mates.
  • Secrets from the set of The Day of the Doctor
All this plus the latest news, posters, puzzles and a new comic strip featuring an unseen adventure with the Eleventh Doctor and Clara.

Issue 338 is on sale from 29th January to 11th February and comes with a paint-your-own-monster magnet set as a free gift.

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