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Monday, 2 December 2013 - Reported by Marcus
With full figures now available for the week ending 24th November 2013, The Day of the Doctor has been confirmed as the highest-rated programme on British television for the week.

The final confirmed rating of 12.8 million viewers puts the programme firmly at the top of the chart, more than a million ahead of the final rating for Strictly Come Dancing, which edged ahead of the Doctor in the overnights. ITV's chart was dominated by the reality show I'm a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here, which took the top five positions for the channel. The highest programme was Monday's, which had 10.04 million watching on ITV plus an additional 1.7 million on ITV HD and 0.7 million on ITV +1. Even when all these figures are taken into account, though, it still did not outperform Doctor Who.

The Day of The Doctor is now officially the 16th-highest-rated episode out of the 799 episodes of Doctor Who which have aired. Only two episodes, Voyage of the Damned and The Next Doctor, from the post-2005 series have outrated it. The remainder charting above Day of the Doctor all come from the classic era, and the period when BBC One was one of just three channels broadcasting.

Only three other Doctor Who episodes can claim to be top of the charts for the week: Journey's End - the series 4 climax broadcast in 2008 - and, provided the BBC HD simulcast figures are included in the total, both parts of David Tennant's swan song, The End of Time.

BBC Drama controller Ben Stephenson paid tribute to the production team.
The Doctor Who 50th was a hugely ambitious event on the BBC and it's only fitting that it has taken the top spot as the highest rating drama across all channels this year. It's a fantastic tribute to both Steven Moffat and the creativity of all those involved in the show throughout its history. Next stop, the regeneration at Christmas!
Figures do not include the cinema screenings, or those who watched the programme on iPlayer.

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