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Saturday, 9 November 2013 - Reported by Chuck Foster
As Doctor Who begins to 'take over' television in the final fortnight before the 50th Anniversary weekend, viewers can have fun watching out for 'cameo' appearances in other BBC One programmes, for example the TARDIS parked innocuously on the desk during The Graham Norton Show on last night.

Spot the TARDIS: Graham Norton Show (9 Nov 2013) (Credit: BBC)

See how many you can spot!
(note: Chris Johnson's desk on the CBBC programme links does not count!)

Graham Norton will serve up a more substantial slice of Doctor Who on the 22nd November when he hosts two Doctors on his sofa: both Matt Smith and David Tennant will be guests on the show to promote The Day of The Doctor broadcast the following day. Other guests on the show will be Emma Thompson, Robbie Williams and Jimmy Carr.

The programme will also be shown on BBC America on the 23rd November from 10:00pm.