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Wednesday, 20 November 2013 - Reported by Chuck Foster
A summary of the media coverage relating to the 50th Anniversary for Tuesday.

(note: the BBC radio broadcasts are available worldwide, but video broadcasts may be unavailable outside the United Kingdom.)


ITV's breakfast show Daybreak featured Jenna Coleman as a guest this morning; the interview is available to watch online via the ITV website.

The Points West BBC regional news programme featured an article on filming Doctor Who in the West Country, including scenes from Planet of the Spiders and Revenge of the Cybermen. The full discussion can be found via the BBC iPlayer (from 21:47 until around 7pm on the 20th), or the locations clip via their Facebook page.


BBC Radio Norfolk continues its week-long series of articles on the county's association with the show, this morning featuring an interview with Doctor Who Mastermind winner Karen Davies. (BBC iPlayer)

Simeon Courtie on BBC Radio Wiltshire spoke to editor Paul Jones about David Tennant and Billie Piper topping their recent polls. (BBC iPlayer - from 1:42:40, or listen to Love Don't Roam from 1:39:06 or The Day of The Doctor radio trailer from 1:21:59).

The lunchtime Graham Seaman show on BBC Radio Wiltshire offered listeners the chance to star in their mini-mini episode of Doctor Who to be broadcast on Friday's programme; today it was the 'casting call' for two assistants to feature in the story. (BBC iPlayer - mentioned throughout the show, with key bits at 00:14:05, 00:41:40, 01:09:18 [Dalek], 01:27:31 [Assistant 1], 01:49:45 [Assistant 2])

Today's edition of the Alex Dyke show from BBC Radio Solent saw Richard Latto continue his look back on Doctor Who, this time discussing missing episodes, including clips with David Stead about discovering The Wheel in Space: 3 in Southampton during the 1980s, and Tony Burnett/Ralph Montagu on Galaxy 4: Airlock and The Underwater Menace: 2. Plus, Paul Vanezis on the world of missing television episodes. (BBC iPlayer, from 1:45:57)

On the Steve Lamacq show, music profiler Robin Ince auditions to be the new Doctor ... (BBC iPlayer)

Night Waves on BBC Radio 3 heard Matthew Sweet discuss the TV series with historian Dominic Sandbrook, philosopher Ray Monk and New Generation Thinker and cultural historian Fern Riddell. (BBC iPlayer)

BBC Scotland's Get It On With Bryan Burnett continued its Doctor Who theme, this time by "entering the Tardis and playing songs which refer to the past, such as Yesterday and Waterloo.". (BBC iPlayer)

The Richard Bacon show on BBC Radio 5 Live included a preview of An Adventure in Space and Time (BBC iPlayer - from 1:47:10)

Misc Media Items

A selection of 50th Anniversary related items in the media.

Coming Up

  • Jenna Coleman and John Hurt are due on BBC1's The One Show tomorrow evening from 7:00pm.
  • Mark Gatiss is due to be a guest on Simon Mayo's Drive Time on BBC Radio 2 after 5pm.
  • There'll be more from Radios Norfolk and Solent on Doctor Who in their regions.