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Monday, 18 November 2013 - Reported by Chuck Foster
As the week heads inexorably toward the 50th Anniversary broadcast there is plenty of media coverage relating to Doctor Who; what follows is a summary of where to the related links so far.

(note: the BBC radio broadcasts are available worldwide, but video broadcasts may be unavailable outside the United Kingdom.)


Doctor Who featured on BBC's Breakfast this morning, with an item by entertainment correspondent Liza Mzimba on filming The Day of the Doctor, including interviews with Matt Smith, David Tennant, John Hurt and Jenna Coleman. The article is available to watch via the BBC iPlayer.

The local news programme South Today reported on the filming of The Sea Devils in Portsmouth, including behind-the-scenes footage. The programme is available via the BBC iPlayer (from 20:35) until tomorrow around 6:30pm.

Buckingham Palace played host to cast and crew from the series in order to celebrate the 50th Anniversary; this was covered by BBC News with photos from the event available via the BBC's Doctor Who website. It was briefly mentioned as part of a longer report on Doctor Who on the BBC's Six O'Clock news, which is available to watch via the BBC News website.

Programming today in the UK included the premiere of Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide on BBC3, and the continuing broadcast of The Night of the Doctor on the BBC Red Button; in the USA and Canada the premiere of Tales from the TARDIS was broadcast on BBC America and SPACE respectively. BBC America also showed Professor Brian Cox's The Science of Doctor Who which had been shown in the UK last Thursday, and have uploaded videos on YouTube including: Arthur Darvill, Karen Gillan, Alex Kingston wishing a happy 50th Anniversary, an interview with Matt Smith, David Tennant and Steven Moffat, and Sir Ian McKellen professing his love for Matt Smith.

You can also catch up with the latest field report from Strax, this time on Queen Elizabeth ...


BBC Radio 4's Today programme featured an interview with (birthday boy) Steven Moffat recorded back during filming of The Day of the Doctor, with him discussing what he wanted to achieve from the story, and looking back over the rich history of the series. It can be heard via the BBC iPlayer (from 2:20:15), and also as a clip from the BBC News site.

BBC Radio Solent are running a regular item on Doctor Who in the Solent area during the Alex Dyke show around 11:30am. This morning's show looked into filming of The Sea Devils in Portsmouth (tying into the television item above), and also Jon Pertwee's connection with the area. (BBC iPlayer - from 1:38:10).

BBC Radio Norfolk are also running a regular item about Doctor Who's association with Norfolk on Chris Goreham at Breakfast; this morning included an interview with Brian Hodgson. (full programme on BBC iPlayer)

BBC Radio 1's Gemma Cairney spoke to Claudia Grant and Jemma Powell about the 50th Anniversary drama An Adventure in Space and Time. (BBC iPlayer - from 01:39:43)

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire's Naked Scientist looked into how technology has helped restore old Doctor Who episodes, with producer Paul Vanezis and restoration expert Peter Crocker discussing working on the recent recoveries including The Web of Fear. (BBC iPlayer - from 24:50)

BBC Scotland's Get It On With Bryan Burnett marked 50 years of Doctor Who with songs and artists referencing doctors, from Dr Hook to Dr Beat". (BBC iPlayer)

In Australia, ABC National Radio broadcasted an item looking at the role of female companions of Doctor Who; the item can be heard via ABC's website.

Misc Media Items

A selection of 50th Anniversary related items in the media.