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Sunday, 17 November 2013 - Reported by Chuck Foster
The Doctor Who Appreciation Society have released details on their plans in the lead-up to Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary:
Celebrate Anniversary Week With the Doctor Who Appreciation Society

The 50th Anniversary is nearly upon us, and DWAS will be partying along with the rest of fandom. Starting on Sunday 17th through to Saturday 23rd November 2013 we will be celebrating every day with something new, or indeed, something old….

DWAS members will receive a special 50th Anniversary edition of our magazine ‘Celestial Toyroom’. CT is now the longest running Doctor Who themed magazine in the world and this edition will celebrate that with a wide selection of articles, reviews and interviews. It will feature an increased page count and a very special cover.

Non-members will be able to buy a copy via our website.

DWAS runs a popular YouTube channel. You can access this via our website now. In the anniversary week we will add some new items from our archive. This will feature both audio and visual content, with Doctor Who related friends from across the years.

Our online archive contains parts of the Society’s output over the years. You can visit it now and view a selection of articles, which will be joined by some new material. We also have a free-to-access downloads section at our online shop. There are already some items there you can download now and during the anniversary week we will be adding some rare items form the early days of fandom.

And to show it is not all about the past, DWAS will produce its first ever e-publication. ‘Cosmic Masque’ was for many years the Society’s fan fiction journal, and was sold alongside our other publications. Now, to celebrate the Doctor’s 50th birthday, we will produce a brand new copy exclusively online. This will feature fiction, merchandise reviews and letters. It will be available to all.

We will also announce our 50th Anniversary poll results, commencing on Saturday 16th November, at our website.

To keep up-to-date as we make items available you can keep visiting our website and Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and join our email list.
Current items include a downloadable copy of Celestial Toyroom Issue Four from 1976, which includes an interview with Robert Holmes, and an audience with Paul Darrow from 2011 via YouTube (parts one and two).

(with thanks to Paul Winter/DWAS)