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Wednesday, 16 October 2013 - Reported by Harry Ward
The latest edition of SFX magazine has been published and features an 18 page special on Doctor Who to celebrate the show's 50th Anniversary.
Across 18 pages of Doctor Who goodness, we have an exclusive chat with showrunner Steven Moffat about that golden anniversary , reveal 50 real-life heroes who made Doctor Who great (everyone from the stars to composers and Peter Brachacki, the man who designed the TARDIS interior, take a look at the Daleks’ lengthy kill list, and speak to Waris Hussein and Carole Ann Ford about “An Unearthly Child”, the very first William Hartnell story from 1963. We've also asked readers what they want to see from the Twelfth Doctor in our regular illustrated Wishlist feature.
SFX 241 (newsstand cover) (Credit: Future Publishing)SFX 241 (Credit: Future Publishing)

SFX 241 - Happy Birthday To Who (Credit: Future Publishing) SFX 241 - Time Machine: An Unearthly Child (Credit: Future Publishing) SFX 241 - Wishlist (Credit: Future Publishing)
SFX 241 is available in shops now.