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Tuesday, 1 October 2013 - Reported by John Bowman
The award-winning Derek Landy has been named today as the author of the tenth and penultimate short story in Puffin Books' e-range celebrating Doctor Who's 50th anniversary.

The Mystery Of The Haunted Cottage, featuring the Tenth Doctor and Martha, will be published globally on Wednesday 23rd October.
When the TARDIS lands on a planet that looks identical to Earth, the Doctor and Martha are amazed to find it packed with fictional characters from her childhood. But who has the power to create an entire world out of books and why? The duo must solve the mystery before their story ends.
An extract can be read via The Guardian's website.

Landy, who has penned the Skulduggery Pleasant series of children's books, commented:
I can proudly say that I was one of those kids who hid behind the sofa while experiencing Doctor Who - one doesn't "watch" Doctor Who, one experiences it - and that crazy blend of science-fiction and adventure and horror has made me the writer I am today.

I owe the character, in whatever incarnation, an enormous debt of gratitude, so when I was offered the chance to write a Tenth Doctor adventure my answer was always going to be "yes". The Tenth Doctor, with his love of the spoken word, was practically tailor-made for me, and there is no part of this story that I did not write with the utmost joy. It all started with "What if the Doctor met the Famous Five?" and went on from there . . .
Landy's first book, Skulduggery Pleasant, won the Bord Gais Energy Irish Book of the Decade Award as well as the Red House Children's Book Award, while his second, Playing With Fire, won an Irish Book Award for Children's Book of the Year.

The author and title of the series' final instalment, to feature the Eleventh Doctor, will be announced on Tuesday 5th November. It will be published on Thursday 21st November alongside a paperback anthology of all 11 stories - to be called Eleven Doctors, Eleven Stories and which can be pre-ordered here - plus an audio collection.

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