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Thursday, 17 October 2013 - Reported by Marcus
The Gallifrey Archives 1
A new Fanzine, The Gallifrey Archives, launches in November and is now available now to preorder.

As the world celebrates the 50th anniversary, the fanzine goes all the way back to where it began with a 1963 issue
  • The Genesis of Doctor Who: A look at the formation of the show
  • The life and legacy of William Hartnell
  • William Hartnell: In His Own Words
  • The Creators Tale: The Career of Sydney Newman
  • Groovy Baby: The events of 1963 and how they shaped the show we love
  • Departure by John O’Rouke: Finally the story of the Doctor and Susan’s flight from Gallifrey is revealed
  • An Unearthly Child: In Colour
  • Scrapbook: Chronicling Doctor Who in the media
  • Review of An Unearthly Child and episodes 1 & 2 of The Daleks
The print version of the Gallifrey Archives is available for preorder until November 1st, after this the print version will be unavailable. The online digital copy will be available the same week as print shipping.
The Terrible Zodin 16
Issue 16 of The Terrible Zodin is now available for free download.

As the only issue this year The Terrible Zodin clocks in at 125 pages.

In this 50th celebratory issue, 50 Brilliant Things About Doctor Who (And 11 More!) The review panel tackle Season 7.2 and there are interviews with Nick Briggs, India Fisher and Marnix van den Broeke. Also the results of the Classic Series poll – find out which story our readers voted their favorite as the wider Whoniverse is celebrated in audio, novel and comic strip form.

A brand new column focuses on the Past Doctor Adventures novels and the Back2theWhoture team tackle The Aztecs. In these pages there is a reappraisal of Dodo Chaplet, Captain Jack’s Guide to the Second Doctor, the politics of the Swampies and the Case for the Return of the Rani.

The editors would love to have your feedback, good or bad on what you think of the new issue.
Inferno Fiction 15

Issue Fifteen of Inferno Fiction is now available from the magazine's website

In the magazine
  • THE SHADOW MAKERS by Andy Weston
  • PART THREE: The TARDIS brings the Doctor in his fifth incarnation back to the planet Manalex Alpha, to a point in time when a past companion, Steven Taylor was caught in the time distortion...
  • PROGRESS by Ashley Myles
  • Mankind's progress on another world is witnessed by the Doctor and Romana...
  • "There is a madman at my console. A brand new madman. The air around him tastes of regeneration and he makes strange noises as he flies about my room. I do not like him. I try to hurl him from my doors, eject him out into the world as London whirls away beneath us, but he clings and he claws and he crawls back inside me. His fingers scrabble at my heart and poke and tear at my brain, and I bite his skin with sparks and spit my smoke into his eyes but it makes him laugh all the harder and I do not like him. He tries to make me dance for him and blow sweet kisses through the universe and wrap the vortex round my skin but I do not bend to his will and at last he understands - I may be stolen but he is not my thief."
  • LINE IN THE SAND by Nick Wheeler
  • A future incarnation watches as a world dies... "...the streets had fallen deathly quiet, leaving only scattered debris as evidence of the madness that had occurred...that’s when I saw him. Standing alone in the middle of the street, an old man...His clothes seemed unusually formal and antiquated..."
  • THE FEAR OF ALL SUMS by Samuel Marks
  • PART ONE: The Fourth Doctor, Romana and K-9 encounter a vagrant Time Lord, the future of law enforcement and a dire threat to all of time and space.
  • THE THREE MARINERS by Michael Baxter Dr Who visits The Three Mariners Inn, a timber frame building on Seathorpe’s ancient seafront, an old tavern, now an antique emporium, with some ghostly going ons...
  • MOMENTOS by Michael Falino
  • The Doctor rounded a bend, strolled down a corridor, made two left turns followed by three right turns, and had no idea where he was. How was this possible? He wasn’t sure it was even remotely probable. Nevertheless, it was undeniable. He was lost in his own TARDIS...