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Tuesday, 3 September 2013 - Reported by Chuck Foster
The Beast of Babylon, by Charlie Higson (Credit: Puffin Books)Puffin Books have announced that the author of the ninth in their series of Doctor Who e-books will be writer, actor, and comedian Charlie Higson.

The Beast of Babylon
Written by Charlie Higson
Published 23rd September 2013

When a girl called Ali pockets a silver orb that falls from the sky, little does she realise it’s her ticket to seeing the universe! Desperate to retrieve the mysterious object, the Ninth Doctor agrees to let her join him on a dangerous trip to ancient Babylon. Together they must join forces to stop a giant Starman from destroying Earth before it’s too late!

Though primarily associated with writing comedy series in the United Kingdom for both radio (Down The Line) and television (The Fast Show), Higson's writing credentials encompass a variety of other genres, including a series of Young Bond novels and the creation of his own cult thriller series, The Enemy. Now taking up the Doctor's cause, he said:

I grew up with Doctor Who and have always been a massive fan so it's a great honour to be involved in this anniversary celebration. Russell T Davies did a great job of rebooting the series with Christopher Eccleston so to be able to write the Ninth Doctor story was a great opportunity to say thanks to the Doctor and thanks to Russell.

The e-book is due to be released on 23rd September 2013, with BBC Worldwide to upload a brief interview with the writer the the Doctor Who YouTube channel later this month.

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