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Monday, 8 July 2013 - Reported by Chuck Foster
National Media Museum - 50 Years of Doctor Who Fans (Credit: National Media Museum)The National Media Museum in Bradford is asking for Doctor Who fans with interesting anecdotes and memorabilia to contact them for potential inclusion in a new major exhibition planned from November to celebrate their devotion to the television show.

Fifty Years of Doctor Who Fans aims to portray what the programme means to its fans, what makes a fan, and how they demonstrate their affection for the programme.

Exhibition curator Toni Booth said:
Do you have a Doctor Who chess set? Ever knitted your own Dalek? Have you still got that Cyberman helmet in the attic? If so, these are exactly the kind of objects that might go towards creating this new exhibition.

We would like to use examples of Doctor Who memorabilia from the past fifty years – both official merchandise and more personal homemade objects - the kind of things which show a fan’s love for the Doctor. We want to know why you have this object, when you got it, and your feelings towards Doctor Who then and now.

We would really appreciate as many fans as possible getting in touch to help shape this exhibition, which will be highlighting the people who watch the show.

The museum would like owners of Doctor Who collectibles, souvenirs, and those with interesting stories relating to the programme to contact them via in order to discuss what they might be able to contribute. The museum stresses not to send anything to them at this time and just to contact them by the email address, as they can't guarantee inclusion or return before they finalise the exhibition items.

Potential submissions need to be made to the museum by 9th August - the exhibition itself will run from 12th November 2013 to 2nd March 2014.