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Monday, 24 June 2013 - Reported by Marcus
Inferno Fiction 14Inferno Fiction; Volume Fourteen

Issue Fourteen of Inferno Fiction is now available online.
  • THE CAFEby Ashley Myles The Doctor and Dodo's peace is shattered when the TARDIS comes under attack from an intruder, intent on stealing it to help save his friends from an eternal prison set within a cafe...
  • I, ZYGONby Al Dickerson "Being a manuscript of the final transmission to the Zygon refugee fleet from the survivors of the exploration vessel Hiskarasa; the final testament of Grotton, bound squire to Commander Broton. Found on Earth in 2357 and verified authentic by the cultural council of New Zygor, 51 Pegasi."
  • RULER OF THE FOURTH DIMENSIONby Sean Bassett "There was once a man. The most amazing man. A man who’s saved many civilizations and improved so many lives. I imagine he’s still out there somewhere, gallivanting around the universe with his screwdriver. I met him once, a long time ago, in the summer of 1963."
  • THE GIFTby Michael Falino The Doctor answers a distress signal from the planet Clyreon where the inhabitants have a predicament involving a child...
  • THE SHADOW MAKERSby Joe Ford PART TWO: Steven recounts his time during the time distortion...and a meeting from the Doctor's future...
  • SILENCING THE BEASTby Meg MacDonald "I’m here Doctor. Still. You thought you’d left me behind, didn’t you? Thought you’d buried me at Arcadia? Cast me into the heart of the Nightmare Child? Left me behind like one of your Companions? You didn’t. I’m still here, Time Lord. And I’ve been waiting for you. Wake up!"
  • WHAT PLANET?by Michael Baxter
  • THE COMING OF THE DALEKSby Nathan Mullins The Daleks are after the key to the TARDIS and along with some old and new friends the Doctor sets out to stop them at any cost...
Kasterborous MagazineKasterborous Magazine #1

Issue one of Kasterborous Magazine, from the team behind the website, is now available complete with an interview with current Doctor Matt Smith and former companion Karen Gillan who told the magazine
I just feel like I’ve learned actually how to act. When I look back at what I was like as an actress when I first started, I just think I didn’t know anything about acting! Through the show I feel like I’ve learned so much, and I’ve learned so much from Matt Smith as well, just because he is the most inventive actor I’ve ever, ever seen work.

  • Elton Townend-Jones’ Enlightenment – how should Doctor Who’s 50th be celebrated?
  • Never a Doctored Word with the Valeyard – the Doctor’s alter ego sets the world to rights.
  • Interview: Illustrator Paul Hanley – popular artist reveals his inspirations and plans.
  • The Shape of… The TARDIS – the real star of Doctor Who, the iconic time machine.
  • Crash of Elysium – Tom Macrae discusses his audacious live Doctor Who play.
  • My Mate John IS the Doctor! – John Guilor, the voice of the First Doctor, interviewed.
  • All Monsters Great and Small – Phil Bates meets Matt Smith at the Doctor Who Experience.
  • In the Shed: With a Dalek Builder! – want to build your own Dalek? Gareth Mugridge is the man to ask!
  • The History of Doctor Who Fandom – kicking off an in-depth look at organized fandom.
  • Doctor Who Takes Manhattan – we speak to Matt Smith & Karen Gillan in New York!
  • The Masque Revisited – 38 years later, a trip to Portmeirion revisits The Masque of Mandragora.
Three stage shows based on the world of Doctor Who fandom are also in preparation for this year's Fringe Festival in Edinburgh.

I Need a Doctor: The Unauthorised Whosical Adventure - Work in Progress
takes place at the Pleasance Theatre London from 27-29 June before moving Edinburgh in August

Doctor-loving nerd Jamie and his companion Jess wrote a musical about their time-travelling hero. Now, they must avoid BBC copyright as they battle with evil exterminators and dancing cyber-gents. Will they manage to escape unscathed? And will they manage to rewrite a whole musical in one hour? Original songs include ‘I Need A Doctor’ and ‘Phonebox of Love’
Who Are You Supposed To Be?
the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from 14-26 August

Classic tale of a boy in a TARDIS t-shirt standing in front of a girl dressed as the Fifth Doctor, asking her to love him... and a girl demanding to know why she can’t be the Doctor or Han Solo or Captain Reynolds. They’d be star-crossed lovers (Wars and Trek, obviously) but they have so much in common - surely they can find the time and space to fall in love? This is a story about wanting to feel safe, to be appreciated and how far we’ll go to find people like us.
Rob Lloyd: Who, Me
the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from 1-25 August

Doctor Who is about to face his greatest challenge: his number one fan. Rob Lloyd (Fan Number One) is putting The Doctor on trial. Is Doctor Who (the television show) guilty of inciting in Rob a debilitating obsession, or shaped him into a well-rounded, mentally-sound member of society? After sell-out seasons at the Melbourne and Adelaide Fringe Festivals plus the Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland and Perth Comedy Festivals, Rob now brings his show to Edinburgh for the first time. Suitable for anyone who has ever been tickled -or tortured - by obsession. Court is now in session.