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Sunday, 9 June 2013 - Reported by Marcus
Doctor Who: iPlayerFor the second month running Doctor Who was the most requested programme on the BBC iPlayer, with the series finale, The Name of the Doctor being accessed 1.90 million times.

Doctor Who also took third place in the list with Nightmare in Silver having 1.73 million requests and fifth place with The Crimson Horror having 1.71 million requests.

The other places in the top ten we taken by five episodes of The Apprentice and two editions of The Voice.

Earlier Doctor Who episodes were still available during the month with Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS adding 0.59 million requests to its April total, while other episodes each added around 0.2 million requests.

The most requested Doctor Who story of the year remains as The Bells of Saint John which has a total of 2.5 million requests and is the sixth most requested programme of the year. The top four places are held by Top Gear with Africa coming in fifth.

NB: The request figures refer to download and streaming requests only and don't necessarily reflect the total number who watched the whole episode. However the BBC does estimate the unique number of viewers watching each episode within a week of transmission via it's Live + 7 figures.

Live+7 Viewing FiguresFirst DayRepeatsTimeshiftiPlayerLive +7
The Bells of Saint John6.15m - 63%0.39m - 4%2.29m - 23%0.95 - 10%9.78m
The Rings of Akhaten5.48m - 63%0.28m - 3%1.98m - 23%0.90 - 10%8.65m
Cold War5.57m - 68%0.18m - 2%1.67m - 20%0.76 - 9%8.28m
Hide4.97m - 65%0.27m - 4%1.63m - 21%0.77 - 10%7.64m
Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS4.86m - 65%0.28m - 4%1.54m - 21%0.79 - 11%7.47m
The Crimson Horror4.61m - 61%0..32m - 4%1.83m - 24%0.83 - 11%7.59m
Nightmare in Silver4.73m - 61%0.29m - 4%1.87m - 24%0.89 - 11%7.78m
The Name of the Doctor5.45m - 63%0.28m - 3%1.99m - 23%0.92 - 11%8.64m

The figures show Doctor Who is timeshifted far more than most BBC programmes. Around 62% of the audience watch Live or within one day, compared with the BBC average of 87% watching Live. Around 23% of the viewers timeshift using a PVR compared with the BBC average of 6%, while 11% now watch via the iPlayer, compared with the BBC average of 2%.

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