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Saturday, 18 May 2013 - Reported by Paul Scoones


Sunday 19th May sees the broadcast of two Peter Davison stories, Frontios and Resurrection of the Daleks on Australian and New Zealand television. They are screening as part of the 50th Anniversary season of Doctor Who on the UKTV channel.

In Australia Frontios is scheduled to screen at 2:30pm and Resurrection of the Daleks at 4:30pm. In New Zealand Frontios screens at 2:40pm and Resurrection of the Daleks at 4:20pm. New Zealand has an additional screening on Monday 20th May at 2:40am and 4:20am respectively.

The two stories, which are consecutive in series order, received their first Australian broadcast in 1984. Their New Zealand debut was delayed until 1989.

Resurrection of the Daleks was originally screened in Britain as two double-length episodes, but was first broadcast in Australia and New Zealand in four parts. The UKTV transmission will feature the two-episode version of the story.

The UKTV billing describes the stories as follows:
Frontios: In the future, the TARDIS is forced to crash land on the planet Frontios, where the Doctor finds some of the last surviving Human beings cowering from a meteorite bombardment.
Resurrection of the Daleks: Captured in a time corridor, the Doctor and his companions are forced to land on 20th century Earth, diverted by the Doctor's oldest enemy - the Daleks.
UKTV is showing stories throughout the year in the lead-up to the anniversary in November. The stories are two of a set of six stories featuring Peter Davison's Doctor due to be broadcast during May. Next week's story is The Caves of Androzani (26 May).

Up-and-coming broadcasts from both 20th and 21st Century series of Doctor Who can be found via UKTV's Doctor Who sections for Australia and New Zealand.

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