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Friday, 17 May 2013 - Reported by Marcus
A new art book is available which takes a visual approach to charting fifty years of Doctor Who.

TIME & SPACE VISUALISER by Paul Smith is the first exploration of both the factual and fictional history of the famous TV series through a range of eye-catching graphics, presenting information about the show in a way never seen before

Look at any book about ‘Doctor Who’ and it’ll be full of text and tables, dates and facts – dense with detail that the eye skips over and the mind struggles to take in. Wonderful Books’ TIME & SPACE VISUALISER: THE STORY AND HISTORY OF DOCTOR WHO AS DATA VISUALISATIONS is the first to take this information and express it in an engaging, graphical form.

It reveals who are the most popular writers and directors; all the places on Earth the Doctor has visited and how often he goes to other planets; which companions gained the most experiences from their travels in the TARDIS; the most common comeuppances for the Doctor’s enemies; how long it would take to watch every episode back to back; and much more.

As ‘Doctor Who’ nears its 50th anniversary, cementing its place among that select group of TV series that have become part of the national consciousness, TIME & SPACE VISUALISER -- available now on Amazon -- takes a fresh perspective, visualising information from every aspect of the programme to show there are lots of options beyond lists and tables.

Each chart is accompanied by detailed notes discussing the background and context of the areas under examination, how the data was compiled and what it reveals. The results can therefore be appreciated by those interested in the possibilities of data visualisation while also presenting new angles to ‘Doctor Who’ devotees who might think they know all there is to know about the show.

TIME & SPACE VISUALISER examines a TV series in a way never done before, providing a unique view of a much-covered subject.
Time & Space Visualiser: The Story and History of Doctor Who as Data Visualisations is 120 pages in full colour, published by Wonderful Books.

The book is available from the Amazon Doctor Who News Shop in theUK and the USA.

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